Winning Workplace
Winning Workplace

The Focal Point selected as finalist for Winning Workplaces

Winning Workplaces-largeSince 2007, Winning Workplaces has recognized exceptional small businesses in an annual ranking of the Top Small Businesses. The award recognizes organizations that foster teamwork, flexibility, high productivity, and innovation—while simultaneously helping employees grow personally and professionally and providing benefits that improve their lives and communities.

At The Focal Point, we recognize our success rests with all of our employees and we strive to empower them. Our shared values center on working hard to make an impact on clients, coworkers, and the community. We also have fun along the way, an essential element of our company culture.

Three core values shape our culture and guide our business approach: Client Service, Craftsmanship, and Fun.

We follow six steps when working together:

1. Clearly identify problems and needs as they arise
2. Identify possible solutions
3. Gather and design consensus
4. Implement
5. Adjust, maintain, and follow through on implementation
6. Demonstrate success and be accountable

Of the hundreds of thousands of small businesses in the United States, some 400 are nominated for consideration. We are extremely honored to have been selected as one of 35 finalists. We would not have been selected had it not been for the contributions and hard work of every one of our colleagues.

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Winning Workplace