Trial Strategy
Trial Strategy

Explore the themes that will trigger jurors’ core values.

Trial Strategy

Trial Strategy

When a juror is learning, two things are happening simultaneously: the conscious mind memorizes vital information (names, dates, places, etc.), while the subconscious mind arranges the facts into a story and compares this narrative to information that is familiar.

Through our Mental Mining® process, The Focal Point team develops a story that will the basis for your case, plus a strategy and a list of visual tools that will communicate the facts and themes clearly and convincingly.

Working with you and your team, The Focal Point will:

  • Facilitate a guided discussion — We explore subconscious associations to develop and refine a story that is understandable and persuasive to a jury.
  • Ask probing questions — We help you think about what really matters in your case, the answers to which ultimately lead to more persuasive arguments.
  • Listen critically — We listen what is being said and what is being inferred, to make sure we pick up on important ideas and themes.
  • Record images, analogies and other descriptions — We keep track of important moments that come up spontaneously as we examine the particulars of your case together.
  • Challenge you — We will clarify your story or give constructive criticism when appropriate.

“They bring an uncanny ability to quickly immerse themselves into a case and help develop the best trial themes...and graphics.”

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