Education programs to support your CLE needs.

CLEWith over 30 years of experience working on thousands of cases and observing hundreds of actual and mock juries, The Focal Point has developed a series of highly practical education programs. Filled with real-world insights and actual examples, these programs can be tailored to your area of interest and customized to a specific audience.

The Focal Point presents Contuing Legal Education (CLE) programs throughout the country to select organizations, law firms, and in-house counsel, and is certified to provide MCLE credit for these programs in the State of California.

Taught by former law school professor G. Christopher Ritter, Esq., we offer a wide range of CLE programs including:   

Five Steps to Creating Winning Trial Strategies and Graphics—Learn how to simplify your case and make it more persuasive to judges and juries. 

Powerful Deliberations: Putting It All Together For the Jury—Get insight on types of juries, the role of “active jurors”, and what you can do to make them advocates for your side. 

How to Maximize Your Experts’ Testimony With Graphics—Discover practical methods and tools you can use to increase the effectiveness of your expert witnesses. 

Using Graphics to Make Your Opening Statements and Closing Arguments More Persuasive—Find  out how graphics can ensure the success of your opening statement,  leave a lasting impression on the jury, attack your opponents, and help  you master your case.