This case focused on the potential violation of an employment agreement that Dr. Kai-Fu Lee signed with Microsoft before leaving the company to work for their largest competitor, Google. Dr. Lee was accused of taking internet search technology as well as key Chinese relations with him when he resigned from Microsoft to begin immediate work for Google.

The Focal Point’s Role

The Focal Point team worked with Keker & Van Nest to create persuasive graphics for their preliminary injunction hearing and to prepare for the impending trial. Our graphics focused on teaching key technical elements of internet-search functionality and accurately demonstrating Dr. Lee’s role in Microsoft’s MSN Search Division.


Dr. Lee successfully defeated a preliminary injunction motion and reached an amicable resolution just weeks before trial.


Superior Court of Washington, King County (Seattle, WA)

The Focal Point’s Client

Keker & Van NestJohn Keker
Ragesh Tangri
Jeffrey Chanin