AshleyTrial Consultant

New York

Ashley is a trial consultant with The Focal Point based out of our New York office. Since joining, she has worked on many high profile matters, including a complex auditing matter that was the first jury to ever hold a major accounting firm responsible for the loss of investor funds during the Madoff period.

Ashley’s specialty lies in supporting high-volume, quick-turn cases where she has impressed clients with her nimbleness and responsiveness to rapidly changing deadlines and demands. She enjoys working on Intellectual Property, ITC, and Trade Secret cases, and supports trial teams in their war rooms across the United States. Some of her most notable cases are FutureSelect v. Ernst and Young, Taylor Bean & Whitaker Plan Trust v. PricewaterhouseCoopers, Butamax v. Gevo, Oculu LLC v. Oculus VR Inc., and Certusview Technologies v. S&N Locating Services.

Ashley is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame where she studied filmmaking, film theory, and philosophy before moving to New York to earn her MFA from Parsons’ Design + Technology program. At Parsons, Ashley’s work centered around emerging technologies and their impact on narrative design and story-telling. She enjoys approaching complex puzzles with a cybernetic lens and learning how systems function by studying their inherent structures and restraints making them easier to understand.

In addition to film and design, Ashley also enjoys creative writing and her work has been featured in magazines including Karawane and The Rag. When she’s not writing, Ahn produces short and feature length films with the artist collective Cut Rush Creative Labs in NYC, where her work has been screened in Moscow’s Financial Film Festival, the Art of Brooklyn, and The Best of Brooklyn Film Race.  Her most recent feature TRUTH has been screened at QFest 2013, FilmOut in San Diego, OutOnFilm in Atlanta, and has had a limited theatrical release in New York City, California, and Illinois.

"The clumsiest literal translation is a thousand times more useful than the prettiest paraphrase."
–Vladimir Nabokov